P.A.R.T Associates P.A.R.T Associates

Private clients

We work passionately and closely with private individuals helping them manage and aquiere artworks.

Art authenticity

We communicate with all manner of artists’ estates to track down or reissue certificates of authenticity if they are missing for our clients’ artworks. We will verify and record any necessary documentation.

Art conservation

Understanding that art is an investment, our partnerships with highly skilled restorers and conservators ensure the state and preservation of your artwork remains first and foremost.

Art sales

Our comprehensive network means we are adept at identifying the correct and most lucrative channel through which to sell individual artworks or entire collections. Our experience involves both auction houses and private buyers and we work discreetly and independently in order to secure excellent deals.


We will organise hi-res photography to document collections as a helpful tool for insurance purposes. We can also record certificates of authenticity.


Our partnerships extend to the best international alarm suppliers, who will work with us in order to secure insurance policies.

Art valuation

Working with a range of associates, ranging from in-house experts to external databases to auction house specialists, we proficiently value your art collection for insurance or market purposes.

Private art acquisition

Our contact book extends to a global roster of auction houses, galleries, collectors and museums. We maintain strong relationships with both established and emerging artists around the world. Yet we proudly assert our independence as art consultants and art advisors, pledging no allegiance to any third party.



We organise installation teams to suit every need, whether it’s large-scale projects outdoors or simple indoor hanging systems.

Presentation and display

Executing lighting plans to best display your artwork is part of our service, and we also source the best framing options for presenting them.

Art forecasting

Staying abreast of latest developments within the art and design fields is crucial to our art management services, and we decode movements in order to provide strategic intelligence for companies that wish to use art innovatively within their business.

Art cataloguing

On our clients behalf, we audit, document and catalogue collections for valuation, sale or insurance purposes. We furnish this with full art historical research in order to impart the complete story of a collection

Budget management

We will tailor any strategy or purchase exactly to your budget constraints. Clients trust that we have in-depth market knowledge of where best to commit funds, taking a long-term vision of art investment.

Art curation

We see art consultation as a strategic plan that needs long-term attention and we can cooperate with clients to rotate, loan or exchange artworks and offer art management services. We are also able to bring our curatorial experience to the display of works.

Art commissions

If the perfect artwork does not already exist, we will work with skilled artists, fabricators and our in-house team of designers to create your custom piece in accordance with your strategy.

Art consultation

We partner with you to seek the ideal artwork to suit your project, vision and budget. Following an initial consultation, we will source options for your review, specifically catered to your space and needs. We are independent art consultants, meaning we have no direct affiliation to any gallery or artist, so our clients can be confident that what they are presented with is entirely tailored to their brief.